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We are a global engineering institution and have members in multiple countries, therefore, it is important that we represent our membership base and the wider community in order to reflect true diversity and inclusion and demonstrate that engineering is for everybody, regardless of personal characteristics.

Our external EDI focus refers to the engagement that we have and the impact that we make with our members and the wider community. By upholding our mission to inspire, inform and influence we can work towards better change in the EDI space and addressing the UK engineering skills shortage. It is important that we use our position of influence within the engineering community to help make the change.

Gaining enough skilled and prospective candidates from diverse backgrounds to enter the profession is one of the long-term solutions to tackling the skills shortage.

We will also ensure that our members benefit from equal opportunity when applying for our products and services and that they feel welcome and supported throughout their career, regardless of their background.

We have a number of diversity tactics outlined in our EDI Strategy and we have broadened our focus to look beyond gender and include multiple characteristics.

Our Values and Behaviours

We treat everyone with integrity and respect, continually striving for excellence in all our activities and use the power of Teamwork to deliver value.

Volunteers and Colleagues

Creating an inclusive culture and ensuring that our volunteers and colleagues have a sense of belonging and feel valued and respected is something that we support and encourage.  Inclusive culture enables people to contribute and bring their whole self to the volunteer space or to work, regardless of their background.

Being mindful of our own behaviours and how we make others feel instils psychological safety within the volunteer space and the workplace.  This has a positive impact on mental health and wellbeing.  It lends itself to a diversity of thought which leads to creativity, sparks innovation and enhances productivity.

We have a set of new IET Behaviours which are supported by Executive sponsorship.  This important piece of work is key in underpinning the essence of who we are as an organisation and the culture we wish to create throughout the institution.