Council is the top-level consultative and advisory body of the IET, representing the views of the membership at large and offering advice to the Board of Trustees.

Council has the right and responsibility of:

  • tendering advice to the Board of Trustees concerning the conduct of the IET’s affairs generally, 
    including its direction and strategy, and on any other matters referred to it by the Board of Trustees;
  • communicating views that are representative of the range of views of members of the IET on these
    and other matters to the Board of Trustees;
  • monitoring the governance of the IET and promoting a culture of continuous improvement.

Council will:

  • review and contribute to the IET’s Strategic and Corporate Plans;
  • review and note the IET’s Annual Report and Accounts;
  • provide an annual report to the AGM.

Constitution of Council 2017-2018


  •  Dr M Fiorini MBA PhD CEng FIET

Deputy Chair:

  • Mr C R Davis BSc CEng FIET

Ordinary Members:

  •  † Miss Y Akinola BEng MSc CEng MIET
  • + Professor I F Bitterlin PhD CEng FIET
  • + Mr C R Davis BSc CEng FIET
  • + Mr J Dunn BSc MIET
  • + Dr W D Evans MA DPhil FIET
  • * Dr M Fiorini PhD CEng FIET
  • * Mr G Hayes
  • † Miss J C Y Ho BMath MSc LLB MIET
  • † Miss A Hutty MEng CEng MIET
  • * Mr R Jananthan BScEng MBA CEng CITP MIET JP
  • * Dr F Johnson BSc MASc PhD CEng FIET
  • * Mr Y K Lim CEng MIET
  • * Ms A Longo MEng MSc MIET
  • + Eur Ing Dr P E Mason BEng MSc PhD CEng MIET
  • † Mr A McCabe BEng CEng MIET
  • * Mr E H Morton BSc CEng MIET
  • † Mr I H M Murdoch MEng CEng MIET
  • + Ms D E Ohlson MEng CEng FIET
  • † Professor I Phillips BSc CEng FIET
  • † Mr M G Prewett BSc IEng FIET
  • † Mr J D Ratcliff BEng MSc CEng MIET
  • + Mr A Spyrou MEng MIET
  • + Dr K Sugden BSc MSc PhD MIET
  • † Mr P Ward BSc CEng FIET
  • * Col M J Ware BEng CEng MIET
  • * Mrs G F Whapshott MSc CEng MIET
  • + Ms K M Wong BEng MIET


• Mr N P Winser CBE FREng BSc CEng FIET

* will retire from that office on 30 September 2018
+ will retire from that office on 30 September 2019
† will retire from that office on 30 September 2020

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