Council is the top-level consultative and advisory body of the IET, representing the views of the membership at large and offering advice to the Board of Trustees.

Council has the right and responsibility of:

  • tendering advice to the Board of Trustees concerning the conduct of the IET’s affairs generally, 
    including its direction and strategy, and on any other matters referred to it by the Board of Trustees;
  • communicating views that are representative of the range of views of members of the IET on these
    and other matters to the Board of Trustees;
  • monitoring the governance of the IET and promoting a culture of continuous improvement.

Council will:

  • review and contribute to the IET’s Strategic and Corporate Plans;
  • review and note the IET’s Annual Report and Accounts;
  • provide an annual report to the AGM.

Council Minutes for the current session 

Minutes of the IET Council meeting on 25 June 2014

Minutes of the IET Council meeting on 13 March 2014

Minutes of the IET Council meeting on 14 November 2013

Constitution of Council


  • * Mr E H Morton BSc

Deputy Chairman:

  • + Eur Ing C K J Wong MSc MPhil

Ordinary Members:

  • † Professor J E Allen MA PhD DEng DSc
  • * Dr C M Arthur BEng PhD
  • + Mr E N Baines BSc MA
  • † Mr M A R Beeharry BSc
  • † Mr H V Bell BSc
  • † Mr H R Egbert BASc(EE)
  • * Dr W B Green BScEng MScEng PhD
  • * Mr T J Heywood BSc
  • * Dr P D Hopewell BEng PhD
  • * Mr R Jananthan BSc(Eng) MBA
  • + Mr S Jobbins MSc
  • † Mr J M Jones DipEE
  • + Mr B Joshi BSc MBA
  • † Ms M Jovic BHSc
  • * Mr C F Kwong BEng MSc
  • † Mr F Lewis BSc
  • † Ms W S J Lo BEng MPhil
  • + Eur Ing J L Lord BSc
  • + Miss S E Maber MSc
  • † Dr S E Maloney BSc PhD
  • * Ms J W C Man BEng MSc(Eng)
  • † Dr M Marsaline Beno BE MTech PhD
  • * Mr E H Morton BSc
  • * Mr D J Owen BSc MBA
  • † Mr M G Poole DipEE MBA
  • * Professor L Ramesh BE MTech MBA
  • † Eur Ing S E Savvides DipEE MBA MCGI
  • † Mr J Senadheera BSc
  • + Ms K K C Sun BEng
  • † Dr S Suresh Kumar BE MS MTech PhD
  • † Professor D T Swift-Hook MA MSc PhD
  • † Professor J K Sykulski MSc PhD
  • + Mr L-H Tse BEng MEng MSc
  • * Dr J Walker MA MSc PhD
  • + Mr C H J Wan BEng
  • + Mr D G Wayman BSc
  • + Eur Ing C K J Wong MSc MPhil

Co-opted Members:

  • + Professor P Z Fan PhD

Board of Trustees:

  • * Dr P W Bonfield OBE FREng PhD
  • * Mr B P S Brooks BSc(Eng) FCGI
  • * Ms J K Bryant FREng
  • * Mr S R Burgin BSc DMS
  • * Ms N W Climer FREng BSc
  • † Miss A K Delahunty BE MMgtSc
  • * Dr S C A Harrison BSc PhD
  • + Dr S D Hart MEng PhD
  • + Mrs V M Hodge BSc MSc
  • † Professor J D M Watson CBE FREng FRSA MSc DPhil
  • + Mr A J Watts BSc
  • + Professor W T Webb FREng BEng MBA PhD
  • † Mr N P Winser CBE FREng BSc
  • + vacancy
  • † vacancy

Past Presidents:

  • + Professor A Hopper CBE FRS FREng BSc PhD
  • * Dr M J Short CBE FREng BA

Knowledge Management Board Appointees:

  • Professor D I Crawford BA MSc PhD
  • Mr R F B MacLaren BSc
  • Mr N Ward BSc(Eng)
  • vacancy

Membership and Professional Development Board Appointees:

  • Dr S C A Harrison BSc PhD
  • Mr T T Hlaing MEng
  • Mr R E H Spalding BSc RN
  • Dr K Sugden BSc MSc PhD


* will retire from that office on 30 September 2014

+ will retire from that office on 30 September 2015

† will retire from that office on 30 September 2016

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