Employee profiles

Want to know what it's like to work for the IET? Find out from our employees, in their own words.

Sarah Jenkins - Strategy Development and Planning Manager, MFH, Stevenage

I started my career at the IET in the role of Events Services Manager in February 2005. When I first read the advert for the role I envisaged two downsides – engineering and Stevenage. But the job description sounded just what I was looking for and so, fortunately, I attended my interview. My perceptions changed as soon as I experienced the office environment, met my colleagues and realised what an easy commute Stevenage is from my home in North London.

I joined the IET at a particularly exciting period of intense change, with the organisation become increasingly customer focused and initiating wide ranging projects to improve the services provided to the members. My colleagues are what I would call “drivers of change; ” change is being driven and supported at the highest level with the target of making the IET an ever more modern and inclusive organisation with recruitment taking place from commercial backgrounds to create and sustain the drive.

In February 2008, I took up a six month secondment to a strategy and planning role to help the IET formulate its strategies for China and India. As you can imagine, this was a hugely interesting, challenging and rewarding six months, which gave me the opportunity to  work with a range of senior staff members and volunteers for the IET. After the six months I was offered a permanent position as Strategy Development and Planning Manager. This is a fantastic role, which really suits my skills and interests and has ensured that I have stayed challenged throughout my time at the IET. It is a great example of how your career at the IET can take you to unexpected places.

The IET also offers outstanding benefits; training of the highest quality, which is not just available but actively encouraged; and excellent career opportunities. Like me, just remember to park your pre-conceptions in the car park.