The IET in India

Information on the IET's office in India (South Asia region).

The IET in India


  • The IET will be recognised in India as a meeting place for sector leaders to interact and support standards, policy and innovation in order to position the IET as a thought leader
  • The IET will deliver practical skills to the Indian education system, combined with an influential role in improving engineering educational standards through accreditation and the leveraging of industry relations

Lord Austin Lecture IET India  What does the IET do in India?

The IET aims to inspire, inform and influence students, engineers and the government through a number of activities and products, including:

  • Scholarships, job fairs and career development
  • Accreditation of engineering courses
  • Internationally recognised professional qualifications
  • Events and lectures
  • Access to technical information in the fields of science, engineering and technology
  • Thought leadership in key sectors such as energy and transport

Contact us

IET India
Unit No 405 and 406, 4th Floor
West Wing, Raheja Towers
MG Road, Bangalore
560 001

Tel: +91 (0)80 4089 2222
Email: india@theiet.in

IET India website: http://www.theiet.in