The IET has a global presence with members all over the world

Internationally recognised the IET provides a single point of contact for engineering and technology professionals.

As globalisation has taken place, engineers are now part of worldwide industry and the demand from beyond the UK for professional registration, accreditation, and knowledge has increased dramatically.

The IET has offices in the global regions highlighted in the map below and members in 150 countries. World map of IET membership  




Hong Kong

The digitisation of information exchange has allowed the IET to provide knowledge, networking and other services beyond the UK making the IET a truly global professional institution.

  • Inspec sales to 55 countries
  • Journals papers submitted from all around the world

Our international activity is volunteer driven and wherever a critical mass of volunteers exists, the IET funds local activities and supports volunteers;

  • Approximately 100 local networks in Asia, Europe, UK, Americas and South Asia
  • We have LNs in Ghana, Brunei, Taiwan, Pakistan, Malaysia
  • Those LN volunteers organise more than 1000 events each year that attract about 50% members, 50% non-members