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Policy and Insight Panels


  • To provide independent and timely advice and evidence to inform the IET’s key stakeholders; government, industry and academia, and society.
  • To increase the IET's influence over government policy on matters to do with engineering and technology.

Terms of reference

  • The Chairs of the Policy and Insight Panels will meet periodically with staff to plan a programme of strategically aligned topics across the portfolio where the timing and market awareness allows this to happen.
  • The Chairs of the Policy and Insight Panels will work together with staff to ensure co-ordination and cross-sector collaboration of policy and insight work across the IET where strategically important to do so.
  • The Chairs of the Policy and Insight Panels will work closely with aligned areas of the IET, including, but not limited to, Technical Networks, Codes and Guidance, Strategy and Planning, and the Publishing and Journals team to ensure the IET is maximising the impact of it strategically aligned work.
  • To provide regular updates and reports as required to help staff demonstrate the IET’s impact in key policy areas and keep the Main Boards up to date with policy work.
  • Members of the Policy and Insight Panels should be willing to become spokespeople for their areas of specialism on behalf of the IET, having a willingness to participate in media interviews, as keynote speakers, or be approached for interviews for podcasts or written articles as appropriate.
  • To report to the Board of Trustees.


A Chair appointed by the Board of Trustees

Members appointed by the Policy Panel

The Chair is appointed for an initial term of three years, which may, in exceptional circumstances be extended to a maximum of six years.  The Chair should normally be a registered member.