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Young Professionals Community Committee (YPCC)

Terms of reference

The purpose of the Young Professionals Community Committee is to deliver the Young Professionals Mission Statement and Objectives.

Mission statement (of the committee)

To inspire, inform and influence the global community of young professional engineers, supporting and promoting technology innovation to meet the needs of society.


  • Recruit and retain Young Professionals for the IET
  • Engage Young Professionals and increase the number and quality of initiatives they deliver
  • Encourage sharing of knowledge and best practice
  • Raise profile and awareness of Young Professionals throughout the IET and the wider engineering community
  • Drive the delivery of key Young Professional-led competitions and initiatives.

The Young Professionals Community Committee will:

  • recommend to all appropriate stakeholders how best the IET can meet the needs of Young Professionals by providing Young Professional resource and expertise for the development of Young Professional strategies
  • innovate, develop and deliver products and ideas to drive Young Professional retention and growth throughout the IET
  • clearly identify and communicate with all stakeholders on a timely, consistent basis to enhance the brand of IET Young Professionals within the IET and the wider engineering community
  • motivate, inspire and support active Young Professionals in the regions to increase their active IET engagement and effectiveness by sharing of ideas and best practice, engendering a culture of volunteer excellence
  • recognise the most active and effective Young Professional volunteers
  • maintain a sound awareness and knowledge of the state of Young Professional engagement across the regions and of the Young Professional participants contributing to that engagement. Capture and share engagement best practice and provide support (where possible) to areas struggling to engage Young Professionals
  • make arrangements for and strategic decisions on the Present Around The World competition; liaise with IET staff member/s to manage the tracking of participants through the procedure. Encourage Local Networks to participate in the competition
  • support the delivery of existing and future regional YP activities such as the regional final of the Present Around The World competition
  • review the terms of reference annually to ensure the Young Professionals Community Committee continues to operate in an agile way, delivering the greatest value possible to the IET.