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Topic Title: CE/LVD query about CCLF LCD Panel and 500V invertor
Topic Summary: Does LVD apply for 500V invertor.
Created On: 05 May 2010 06:48 AM
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 05 May 2010 06:48 AM
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I have LCD panel with CCFB (avoiding LED LCD). It requires 500V (maximum 950V) invertor board with +12V I/P to be mounted next to LCD panel. Both are mounted inside the case with glass panel. The operator has no physical access or exposure since it all encapsulated inside the plastic box. Internal computer control the brightness (like laptop).

My concern that because inverter provides 500V, it exceeds the 75V limits under the Low Voltage Directive, but 500V never exposed to operator?

I wish to know how does the CE requirement is affected by mounting the inverter. What scope of IEC/EN does it apply?

 12 May 2010 02:26 PM
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Have a look at the EU guidance of LVD applicability.

The product is outside the scope of the LVD, but:
If you sold the product with an external mains-12 V supply, then there is a case that the whole product would fall under LVD.

Assuming that the device is not destined for Medical Applications or use in Explosive atmosphere, if the LVD does not apply, the General Product Safety Regulations do apply.

Visual Display Equipment such as monitors, typically fall under the scope of EN60950-1:2006.

A full assessment against EN60950-1:2006 of you LCD+supply would (almost certainly) give a "presumption of conformity" to the LVD.

The EMC directive would alos apply to the product and you would have to CE mark it to that (as well).

 12 May 2010 04:28 PM
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Hi Charlie

Just to clarify. I have external AC/DC adaptor which is CE approved, providing 20V DC power with connector at one end, which is plugged to the case (in many way like laptop).

We supply these adaptor with the case, only plugged when adaptor is removed from the case, or it can be purchased separately.

Thus I have no external mains (120V/240V) connection to the case.

Then the product still outside the scope of the LVD, correct?

I have read the LVD guidance, one particular statement seems to be twisting words, because AC/DC adaptor is a separate device from the portable case device. It read below:-

"Battery operated equipment outside the voltage rating is obviously outside the scope of the LVD. Nevertheless, the accompanying battery-charger as well as equipment with integrated power supply unit within the voltage ranges of the Directive, are in the scope of the LVD. This applies also, in the case of battery-operated equipment with supply voltage rating under 50 V AC and 75 V DC, for their accompanying power supply unit (e.g. Notebooks)."

If that the case of laptop......what scope of EN60950 that need to be covered?
 12 May 2010 05:23 PM
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Your quoted paragraph is trying to cover rechargable battery operated equipment with external AC/DC convertors such as laptops, and integrated AC/DC convertors (can't think of an example): A product with a 20V DC input voltage is not is scope of LVD, but accompanying AC-DC convertor is. Having part of a system within the LVD (PSU) and part outside (VDU) doesn't really help you as the VDU still has to be "safe" so there isn't much benefit in considering under the GPSR rather than under the LVD

However....and its a big HOWEVER, there are a number of things that you should consider:

The EU guidance is "guidance" - it is not law.
Directives are implemented into the laws of the individual member states by their national goverments. The ONLY place that will give you a definitive answer as to whether something complies is a court.

You do not have a "CE approved" power supply - you have a power supply onto which someone has put a CE mark - there is no such thing as "CE approved".

You are reliant on the DC output voltage remaining safe under normal and single-fault conditions.

I strongly advise you ONLY to use a power supply that is:
- NRTL listed by someone such as UL, CSA, and current listing verified against UL/CSA certification database.
- Or, is certified by TUV, VDE, Nemko or other similar European mark and accompanied by a CB certificate or appears on their certification database.

Depending on the classification of the output voltage of the PSU, your LCD panel and its components will need to be assessed for a number of things including flamability, protection of user to hazardous voltages inside, component temperature rise, mechanical hazards.

Spend a few punds more and get a proper, "3rd party approved" PSU - e.g. MeanWell GS220A20-R7B , RS 679-6886, which is certified/recognised by UL and VDE: UL recognition QQGQ.E183223 - 5th line down...Switching Mode Power Supply, Model(s) GS220AX ( X = 12, 15, 20, 24, 48 )


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