Young Professionals Summit

Bringing together active Young Professionals to exchange knowledge and shape the future of the IET.


The Young Professionals Summit (YP Summit) is an opportunity for members of the Young Professionals Forum (YPF) to meet physically and discuss issues currently affecting both the active Young Professionals (YPs) and the wider Young Professionals Community (YPC).

A limited number of Local Network YP representatives are also invited to attend this one-day summit to find out more about what the IET is currently doing to support our YPs.

Delegate selection

Young Professionals at the YP Summit

The conference is primarily aimed at the YPF and acts as an opportunity for them to meet physically.

Closely linked with the Volunteers' Conference, YP delegates representing other communities, including the Local Networks/Technical and Professional Networks, are also invited to attend the summit.

YPF Annual Meeting 2012

The Volunteers Conference Weekend, which usually takes place immediately after the YP Summit in October, will be replaced in 2012 by five regional events (Community Volunteer Conferences), overseen by the Communities Resourcing Committee. They will be organised by the regional Communities Committees and plans surrounding the format of these events are already underway. They will be an excellent opportunity for local Young Professionals to engage and participate more at a regional level.

Therefore, the 2012 YP Summit will be replaced by the Young Professionals Forum (YPF) Annual Meeting – a smaller scale event with more focussed engagement of YPF members (the YPF is made up of all YP representatives on IET constituted boards and the committees that report to them). The primary objective of the annual meeting will be to hold a ’round table’ discussion in order to consider the strategic issues regarding YPF and YP engagement.

For more information about the changes to the YP Summit for 2012 please drop us an email.

Previous events

The YP Summit has been running in its current format since 2009.  For more information about previous events, please visit the YP Summit website.