Young Professionals Regional Committee

Regional groupings helping to drive IET activity at a local level.

Primary Objective

The primary objective of the Young Professionals Regional Committee (YPRC) is to ensure that all local Young Professional (YP) channels within the IET's specific regions remain open and effective. This will be achieved by managing and driving the local Young Professionals Community (YPC).


It is suggested that any regional committee should consist of a minimum of 5 Young Professionals, limited only by regional resources, at discretion of the relevant regional Communities Committee.  The composition of the YPRC membership should consist of at least 2 YPF members, 1 current YPS member, 1 past YPS member, and/or 1 past YPRC Chair where possible.

Members of the YPRC should be under 30 when elected.

You can read the full YPRC Terms of Reference in PDF format via the link below.