Young Professionals at the IET

An introduction to the structure governing Young Professionals and how you can make a difference.


Young Professionals at Savoy Place

In July 2008, the Board of Trustees approved changes to the governance structure of the IET. These changes included the formation of a Young Professionals Forum (YPF) to replace the Young Professionals Board (YPB). 

These web pages have been created with a view to explaining more about the structure, specifically the structure that has replaced the Young Professionals Board and how you, as a member of the IET, fit in to the bigger picture.  If you have questions, comments or feedback please send us an email.

So how does it all work?

The structure is made up of five distinct groups.  You can click on the links below to find out more about their role and composition:

Young Professionals Coordination Team (YPCT)

Made up of five volunteers and one support staff member, driving YP activity for the IET.

Young Professionals Forum (YPF)

Made up primarily of all YP reps on constituted boards and the committees that report to them.

Young Professionals Community (YPC)

The wider YP membership of the IET and beyond.

Young Professionals Regional Committee (YPRC)

Regional YP groupings, helping to drive IET activity at a local level.

Young Professional 250 (YP250)

YP 'leaders' taking an active role in promoting the IET and the work of our young professional members.

Task Force

The YPCT has instigated the creation of a number of Task Forces to undertake specific activity relating to the Young Professionals Community.  You can find out more about the Task Forces currently engaged in activity by visiting the Task force web pages.