Young Professionals Forum

Young Professional representatives on constituted boards and committees.

Primary objective

The primary objective of the Young Professionals Forum (YPF) should be to provide a channel to coordinate YP input and influence in to all IET activities, with particular focus on YP activities.

YPF members are also responsible for ensuring that recommendations on how best the IET can meet the needs of the YP’s are raised with the appropriate boards and committees, including escalating issues that that could be perceived to inhibit YP engagement or participation within the IET.

The Terms of Reference for the YPF can be found in the PDF document below.




The YPF is made up of all YP’s elected or appointed to one of the IET’s main boards or committees (Board of Trustees, the three main boards and their reporting committees, the five regional committees and Council, (including those not reserved for YP’s), the YPCT and all former elected or appointed position holders who have completed their term within the last 2 years.

Current YPF constitution

The document below shows the individuals who are are currently members of the Young Professionals Forum and the board/committee that they currently sit on.