Business Cards Policy

Policy for the provision of IET business cards to volunteers

The IET takes the view that presenting an IET business card at a meeting indicates to the recipient of the card that the holder is formally representing the IET and carries the authority to speak on behalf of the IET within the context of the meeting.

As a global organisation, the IET recognises that there are parts of the world where the cultural and/or business practices may create a demand for members to carry IET business cards when they are not in fact in a position to represent the IET. However, in order to create consistency throughout the organisation this policy assumes that carrying IET cards will be interpreted as an authority to speak on behalf of the IET wherever in the world they are presented.

Many of the volunteers who work for the IET do represent the IET at external meetings and they need business cards to enable them to introduce themselves and provide appropriate contact details to other people.

This policy is intended to encompass all volunteer roles within the IET, in all countries. It sets out the circumstances where cards are needed and explains why not all volunteer roles have a need for IET business cards.