Policies for IET volunteers

Guidance and policies relating to your work as an IET volunteer.

Data protection policy

This guidance document has been produced for volunteers dealing with personal data.

Bribery policy

This policy contains guidance pertaining to IET activities under the Bribery Act 2010 which came in to force on 1st July 2011.

Business cards for volunteers policy

This policy is intended to encompass all volunteer roles within the IET, in all countries. It sets out the circumstances where cards are needed and explains why not all volunteer roles have a need for IET business cards. 

Expenses policy

The purpose of this policy is to inform volunteers of the IET’s policy on expenses and the processes involved in reimbursement.

Social Media policy

This policy relates to the procedures and operation of social media sites that are managed, on behalf of or associated with the IET, by volunteers.

Equal Opportunities policy

This guidance document has been produced in response to requests from volunteers. It is being released following consultation with the registration and standards committee and approval by the registration group. This document is still evolving, and will be updated at regular intervals.


Bullying and harassment policy

The IET is committed to ensuring that all employees are treated with dignity and respect in the workplace and at workplace related events, and that they are able to work in an environment which is free from bullying and harassment.


Policy for safeguarding children and vulnerable adults

This policy outlines the legislation, principles and values that inform the practice of those members, staff and contractors who work with children or vulnerable adults  in the course of performing duties or services on behalf of the Institution and/or in the course of representing the Institution. The welfare of the child is paramount.