Step 9: Post event analysis and output

Post event thank yous

It is good practice to thank all event speakers and sponsors at the event. In addition to this you might like to send a more formal thank you letter.

Delegate feedback

It is important to gain feedback from delegates to capture delegate experience.

If you have used the Plus! for Events registration system, a request for feedback can be sent directly to delegates.

Useful questions to ask delegates include;

  • how did you hear about this event?
  • would you recommend this event to a colleague?
  • would you consider coming to something else the IET puts on?
  • what topics would you be interested in hearing about at future events?

As an event organiser it is also helpful to record your own evaluations soon after the event has ended so you can make best use of them.

Post event output

It is important to capture the intellectual property from the event to gain the most out of the effort and resource that has been invested. Providing post event outputs, such as a web resource area, is an effective way to reach a global audience.

Online hot topic resource areas

The IET website has an area for “hot topic resources”. These resource areas often include presentations (both filmed footage and PowerPoint slides), speaker biographies, speaker interviews, and relevant articles (from journals and magazines).

Examples of current areas include:

  • cognitive radio
  • cybernetics
  • electric and hybrid vehicles
  • smart grids
  • space
  • tribology
  • International Broadcasting Convention (IBC)
  • John Logie Baird Lecture archive
  • Pinkerton Lectures

There is support available through the Community Operations team to build hot topic areas.


Want to continue the debate and discussions amongst your delegates and wider community? MyCommunity, the IET’s online social collaboration platform, enables individuals to connect, share knowledge, ideas and opportunities with a specific network of individuals.

You could join an existing relevant community and start a discussion that relates to the topic of your event or you could create a new community.   

MyCommunity enables individuals to:

  • manage a personal profile
  • join a community
  • find people and grow your network
  • develop, extend and enhance your knowledge
  • collaborate with other community members (by using the DocCreate tool)
  • participate in discussions
  • ask questions

Please see: Volunteer Gateway / mycommunity