Step 7: Marketing the event

The marketing behind an event can make a huge difference to the numbers that attend and the impact it has on the community.

Best practice

We recommend marketing your event as soon as possible. Once the event has a set topic, title, description, date and venue you are in a position to start the promotion. As a minimum we recommend at least six weeks of marketing time before the event.

IET online event calendar

The IET’s online event calendar page is a good place to start. Provide information on the benefits of attending, further details on the programme, speaker biographies and presentation synopsis and registration (see step 6 for further information).

Marketing communications channels

There are a variety of different channels you can use to promote your event. These include:

  • emails / relevant newsletters
  • online carousels
  • banners
  • print ads in relevant publications
  • social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)
  • online discussion forums
  • flyers
  • online event calendars
  • partner organisation websites

Free advertising websites

Promote your event online by using these free to advertise event websites:

Tailored marketing campaigns

Adapt your marketing to fit your audience, for example marketing student events to the local universities by contacting the Head of the Faculty, and utilise social media channels (including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook).

Social Media

By using social media on websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, you can promote your event by creating discussion forums and comment to create a ‘buzz’ surrounding the topics and speakers at your event. Activity such as blogging and additional discussion forums are valuable for post event comments, and will prolong the exposure of the event online.

The IET has published social media guides for volunteers on how to get the best from these channels.

Media packs

Obtaining local press and broadcast media coverage of your event helps to promote the reputation of the IET as well as promoting your community. It can also help the general public understand the importance of engineering and technology in everyday life.

Local media are keen for regional stories with a strong human interest angle; they touch people's lives whilst also raising awareness of your events, your Network and the IET. The Communications Team has developed a media pack to help volunteers gain coverage in local media.

Please see: Volunteer Gateway /media packs

Marketing collateral at the event

It’s important to display the IET’s brand at events; branding ensures professionalism within an organisation; and create an emotional connection and feelings of loyalty, which in turn support organisational success; it is the perception people have of us.

It is the responsibility of all staff, members and other stakeholders acting on behalf of the IET to fully support the IET brand at every opportunity.

The IET have created a Marketing Toolkit for IET Communities, designed to make marketing and ordering branded promotional items easy.

Please visit: Marketing