Step 6: Registration and online event calendar page


We recommend all events have a registration system to allow effective event management. The benefits of setting up registration for your event include;

  • capturing your total numbers which will keep you in budget
  • managing your total numbers (and waiting lists) if places available are limited
  • capturing useful information about delegates, including name, job title, company
  • notifying delegates directly if an event is cancelled, postponed or the details have changed
  • providing information to speakers so they are aware of the size and profile of their audience
  • providing a delegate list for use during the “on the day” registration desk
  • capturing metrics for the IET (i.e. number of event delegates). This is a requirement if you are using IET funding for your event
  • sending email feedback forms to delegates post event to capture delegate experience

Registration system options

Events organised by IET communities can use one of two registration systems;

Plus! for Events

This online registration system is a free resource that has been designed to help volunteers manage events professionally from start to finish.

The system enables volunteers to monitor and manage event attendance, to produce delegate sign in sheets and delegate badges easily, and request feedback from delegates after the event. It is also an easy way to start collecting metrics information about event attendees.

The Community Operations team can set you up on Plus! for Events so you can manage your delegate registration directly.


This online registration system is free to use and is ideal for events which require a payment to be taken.

The Community Operations team can set up registration for you and will manage delegate registration on your behalf.  

Plus! for Events


Volunteer managed Staff managed
Free events Paid for events
Send feedback to delegates× No inbuilt feedback facility
× No payment taking facility 

Please contact the Community Operations team to discuss the best registration system for your event.

Delegate registration pack

A delegate registration pack, which consists of printed delegate badges, blank/additional badge inserts and delegate list, can be provided. This service is available for large events or where networking forms a substantial part of the programme and will be subject to the availability of staff resource. Please provide as much notice as possible to the Community Operations team.

IET online event calendar

The IET’s online event calendar allows people to find events within a particular technical specialty or geographic area and register their place (where registration is available).

By creating an online event calendar page your event will be exposed to a wide and varied audience, increasing the potential number of delegates.

The Community Operations team can support you by creating an event calendar page based on the information you provide. We recommend that you include as much relevant information as possible, for example the benefits of attending, details on the programme, speaker biographies and presentation synopsis and a registration link.

If you require a member of the IET staff team to set up an event calendar page and/or registration on your behalf please send a completed event calendar page and registration request form to the Community Operations team.