Step 1: Deciding the aim, objective and audience of the event

The event scope form is the starting point for any event. It allows the organiser of the event to outline the main objectives, topic coverage, target audience, marketing channels, possible speakers and sponsors.

Some basic initial questions to consider (the who, what, when, where, why and how?) are:


  • …is the target audience? Existing IET members, potential IET members, the wider public, specific interest group or demographic (e.g. student)?
  • …will help organise the event? Is a volunteer organising committee needed?
  • …do you want to invite to give a presentation?


  • …is the best event format?
  • …is your budget?
  • …is the event output? PowerPoint presentations on the IET website, post-event write up, filmed presentations?
  • …is the most effective way to market your event?


  • …is the best time to hold this event for the community? Consider time of year, as well as when during the week and time of day


  • …is the event going to be held? Will the topic have an impact on where the event is held?


  • …are you holding this event? Information sharing, professional registration, networking?


  • …many delegates are you looking to achieve/attract?

Further guidance into the specific areas above is provided in the subsequent steps.