Events toolkit

A practical toolkit to enable any community to run a range of successful events

Events are a great way to allow face-to-face engagement with members of the Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) community, giving the perfect opportunity to:

  • provide ‘technical’ information
  • provide a networking opportunity for existing members
  • share best practices and experiences
  • collaborate with other organisations
  • reach out to the next generations
  • recruit more active members
  • encourage members to sign up to Professional Registration
  • promote IET products and services, such as Career Manager

Whether you are a first time event organiser or you have run events before, the IET Communities Events Toolkit is designed to provide direction, advice, templates, checklists and working examples.

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There are a number of elements to organising a successful event. You may already follow some of the ideas and suggestions within this toolkit, but there may be some additional tips which might be useful.

10 steps to a successful event

Step 1: Deciding the aim, objective and audience of the event 
Step 2: Selecting the correct event style and topic
Step 3: Budgeting
Step 4: Date and venue selection
Step 5: Putting together the programme and inviting speakers
Step 6: Registration and online event calendar page
Step 7: Marketing the event
Step 8: Hosting the event 
Step 9: Post event analysis and output
Step 10: Staff support for IET community events

Case studies: Real events in practice

Useful forms/resources


Additional worksheets have also been designed to provide guidance on organising specific events, for example professional registration workshops, Present Around the World competitions, and lifeskills workshops.

These worksheets can be found on the IET website, in the Volunteer Gateway.

For a downloadable PDF version of the toolkit please follow this link