Activity and events

Planning, organising and delivering an event can be complex, time-consuming and challenging. The tools and information provided are here to help make this process coordinated, enjoyable and stress-free.

IET Communities Events Toolkit

A practical toolkit of ideas and advice to enable any community to run a range of successful events. The toolkit is designed to provide direction, working examples and templates to give guidance when organising an event. 

The toolkit contains the following forms and templates:

  1. At-a-glance event checklist
  2. Event scope form
  3. IET communities Event proposal and resources request form
  4. Event budget template
  5. Online event calendar page and registration request form

Delegate registration pack

A delegate registration pack is available for larger events, consisting of:

  1. Printed delegate badges
  2. Blank/additional badge inserts
  3. Delegate list

Please contact the Community Operation team for more details.

Online registration

The Plus! for Events online registration system is a free resource that has been configured to help volunteers to manage events professionally from start to finish.

The Plus! for Events system provides a straightforward method to enable delegates to register for events in advance, particularly useful if only limited places are available. Registration links can be featured in promotional emails and in website event listings.

The system enables Networks to monitor and manage event attendance, to produce pre-filled sign in sheets and delegate badges easily, and request feedback from delegates after the event. It is also an easy way to start collecting metrics information about event attendees.

Plus! for Events also enables delegates to manage their communication options by allowing them to opt-out of receiving information about IET products and services.

To start using Plus! for Events please contact the Community Operation team who can provide login and password information and help you get started.

Lifeskills workshops

These workshops are aimed at helping delegates develop their interpersonal and professional skills; these can be particularly attractive to students and young professionals. The wide portfolio of events is available free to Local Networks in the UK and delivered by the IET Lifeskills training team, but Networks outside the UK are also encouraged to hold them using local training professionals.


In addition to the above guidance, the IET also has a number of worksheets (see links below) designed to provide guidance on a range of specific events

The Community Operation team is available to provide support and advice for all types of community events. Please contact