Important updates for IET volunteers.

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Communities annual planning timetable confirmed

(19 March 2013)

Information for communities’ volunteers sitting on Local and Technical Network committees regarding the annual planning timetable.

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No access to edit the IET events calendar on Thursday 7 February 2013

(01 February 2013)

Due to updates being made on the system there will be no access to edit the IET events calendar on Thursday 7 February 2013.

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Volunteer survey: the results are in...

(30 January 2013)

A big thank you to those of you who responded to the volunteer benchmarking survey.  The results are now in and you can view the report on our 'Surveys and polls' page.

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Deadline for nominations approaching...

(19 December 2012)

IET members are invited to nominate candidates to fill vacancies for the Institution's  Board of Trustees, Knowledge Management Board, Membership and Professional Development Board, Communities Resourcing Committee, five Communities Committees and Council.


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Access training on the new event calendar web form

(22 November 2012)

Find out more about gaining access to upload your own events to the IET’s event calendar and the training and support available to Event Editors.

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Look in your copy of Member News for the call for nominations

(16 November 2012)

A call for nominations of candidates for IET Boards and Committees will be printed in the November issue of Member News.

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An update on the MyCommunity platform

(16 November 2012)

There are a few developments to update you on and if you are an Online Community Administrator remember to keep an eye on the MyCommunity Administrators group on MyCommunity.

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Coming soon: volunteering at the IET survey

(12 November 2012)

As part of the Volunteer Talent Support project we will soon be conducting a survey into your experiences of volunteering with the IET.  

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Supporting volunteer talent

(09 November 2012)

The IET has launched the Volunteer Talent Support project to make sure the way we support our volunteers is best in class and that we have a strong staff team to meet that challenge.

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Welcome to the 2012/13 Session

(09 November 2012)

Remember if your committee has seen people step down or join over the last couple of months, please make sure your Community Relationship Manager has the updated committee list.

  Metrics - pen and charts

Please help us to make sure your metrics are reported for the 2011/12 session

(08 November 2012)

The draft metrics report for the 2011/12 session is now available.  Please ensure that somebody on your committee checks the report and is happy that the delegate numbers for your community events have been counted accurately.

Screenshot from the rolling presentation

A new introductory presentation for community activity

(08 November 2012)

At the request of the Communities Committee UK the marketing team have made available a presentation that can be used at community activity.

Photo of the back of a volunteer wearing a 'Volunteer - Big Bang Fair' t-shirt

Volunteer at The Big Bang Fair 2013 at London ExCel

(6 November 2012)

Do you have an interest in science, engineering and maths? Would you like to learn new skills? Could you enjoy working with young people? Do you have science communications experience or are you a good multi-tasker and people person?

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Event calendar is now live

(4 October 2012)

The event calendar has been switched over and is now live on the IET website.


The Young Professionals Event: The Raspberry Pi - Thursday 18 October 2012

(17 September 2012)

Eben Upton, the founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, will examine the transition from large, high performance “closed” systems to cheap, low power and potentially disposable hardware. The low-cost, small-sized nature of the Raspberry Pi offers enormous potential to open up computer programming to everyone, in particular children.

This event will be streamed live via our webcast service, if your local network would like to take part in viewing this event please contact Tanya Spencer to confirm.

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Confirmed timetable for transition to the new event calendar

(14 September 2012)

We are still on track to launch the new event calendar and web form to coincide with the new session.  The target date to switch over is Thursday 27 September and we will be in touch with webmasters directly with more detailed information on the transition process.

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What would you like to see in a community volunteer pack?

(14 September 2012)

We are putting together a pack to go out to community volunteers in October and we’d love to have your input into what should be in it.

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An update on the new IET event calendar

(3 September 2012)

We have now agreed a one week window for intensive testing of the web form for volunteers to enter data into the IET event calendar and, subject to testing, the project team are hoping to launch the new event calendar to coincide with the new session in early October.


  Signposts with IET Strategy written on them.

Discuss the future of the IET

(24 August 2012)

Join IET Chief Executive Nigel Fine and current and future Presidents Dr Mike Short and Professor Andy Hopper to discuss the IET 10 year strategy.

  Steve Perry

Sectors and communities update

(20 July 2012)

Watch the presentation that Steve Perry gave for the July meeting of Council


  Metrics - pen and charts

The June Metrics Report is available

(20 July 2012)

Thank you to committee volunteers for your efforts to report metrics over the last few months, the June report has now been published and is ready to download.

  Street signs - Branding St and Marketing Rd

Support with marketing your events – start with the redesigned toolkit

(21 May 2012)

The marketing toolkit has been developed to help community volunteers to promote community activities.


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MyCommunity is coming soon

(2 May 2012)

The IET is developing an online professional networking and collaboration platform, to enable people to connect, interact and exchange knowledge globally.


Announcements previously displayed on this page can be found in the announcements archive.