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  Red toolbox with mouse attached

The IET Community Events Toolkit is now live

(26 April 2012)

A practical toolkit to enable any community to organise a range of successful events.


Metrics - pen and charts

Please ensure that your metrics are being reported!

(20 April 2012)

Thank you to committee volunteers for your efforts to report metrics over the last few months, the June report has now been published and is ready to download.


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The home of communities on the IET website is moving

(22 March 2012)

Over the next two months LNs and TPNs will be brought together on a new area of the IET website.


Lecture Theatre at Savoy Place - birds-eye view

Recent changes to the IET governance structure

(14 March 2012)

The governance of communities within the IET has changed


Street signs - Branding St and Marketing Rd

The Marketing Toolkit is being refreshed

(12 March 2012)

Please look out for the updated Marketing Toolkit on the website in April.


Metrics - pen and charts

LN and TPN metrics have a new home

(8 March 2012)

Regular metric reporting is up and running again.


PLAN - giant letters and crane

Planning and budgeting process for communities

(2 March 2012)

Look out for your planning and budgeting paperwork for the 2012/13 session.