Communities annual planning timetable confirmed

Information for communities’ volunteers sitting on Local and Technical Network committees regarding the annual planning timetable.

During the first quarter of 2013 the staff team have been working closely with the Communities Resourcing Committee (CRC) on updates to the paperwork and the communities operating guidelines.  This information will be available on some new pages on the volunteer gateway which we hope will be easier to navigate than in the past.

It is anticipated that the guideline budgets and paperwork will be coming out to Local and Technical Network Committees around 28 March 2013 and the deadline for plans to be submitted this year will be Friday 31 May 2013.  The CRC and Communities Committees (CCs) will be meeting in July to make their budget allocations and decisions will be communicated to committees on or around Friday 2 August.

As in previous years the CRC and CCs will be looking to make sure that communities are reporting delegate numbers for their activities, so please make sure that somebody on your committee is reporting these metrics to the staff team.  More information on reporting of metrics is available on the metrics page of the volunteer gateway where the metrics report is posted each month.