An update on the MyCommunity platform

There are a few developments to update you on and if you are an Online Community Administrator remember to keep an eye on the MyCommunity Administrators group on MyCommunity.

Firstly a reminder to Owners and Community Administrators of private or hidden groups to please remember that you need to approve new members to enable them to join, even if you have already invited them to join the community. You can do this in the Community Admin area of the group within the members tab.

There is a new community request form now available on the community directory pages, this eases the process for requesting a new community within MyCommunity; and new training videos have been uploaded to the support area on MyCommunity which we hope you are finding useful.  If you would like to see any other areas covered in the training videos, or take part in any further training sessions, please ask your Community Administrator to let us know in the discussion that has been started in the MyCommunity Administrators group.

Some of you have been asking about editing rights for MyCommunity back pages. Access to edit these pages is only available to IET staff. However if you have content that you wish to regularly edit yourself please contact your Community Relationship Manager or a member of the online team to discuss your objectives.

The platform is now much more stable with the major bugs and issues fixed.  The staff team are working with volunteers to increase content and activity within individual communities and these are being used to demonstrate ways that MyCommunity can be used to share content and communicate with community members.  We are rolling out a communications and marketing campaign to promote some individual communities and the platform more widely.  If you would like support to develop the content on your group and promote it to your community then please contact a member of the online team.