Welcome to the 2012/13 Session

Remember if your committee has seen people step down or join over the last couple of months, please make sure your Community Relationship Manager has the updated committee list.

The word welcome in the center with it translated into many languages surrounding it It is hard to believe we are into the new session already.  Our communities have some amazing activities planned this session, so we are looking forward to a great year ahead.

The 2011/12 session has seen some changes including the launch of MyCommunity, the IET’s social collaboration platform.  One volunteer conference weekend became five regional community volunteer conferences, enabling more volunteers to attend and conversations to be focussed locally.  The LN and TPN staff and governance structures have come together and business plans have seen more collaboration between LNs and TPNs than ever before.

And we have seen some great plans submitted for the 2012/13 so we are looking forward to some fantastic activity in the year ahead and we hope you are too