Event calendar is now live

The event calendar has been switched over and is now live on the IET website.

The event calendar switchover has taken place and the new IET event calendar is live on the website.

The team are still working through transferring events from the old to the new calendar, all events until the end of 2012 are now appearing in the new calendar and the team are continuing to work through adding events into 2013.

Please check your events for accuracy in the new calendar next week, some fields are now mandatory and where this information was not in the old calendar we have used our best judgement.  We will be happy to amend any entries for you if you bring them to our attention by emailing community operations, please include ‘event calendar’ in the subject line.

The event calendar training material and webform can now be accessed.  You need to be logged into the IET website to view this page.  If you are having any problems, please contact community operations for support.