MyCommunity is coming soon

The IET is developing an online professional networking and collaboration platform, to enable people to connect, interact and exchange knowledge globally.

MyCommunity: connecting engineers, forming communities

In mid-May all of the IET’s communities (LNs, TPNs and more) will be brought together in MyCommunity, a new networking platform on the IET website.  MyCommunity is still in development and we have invited some groups of members to pilot the platform before it is launched to the wider engineering community in mid-May. The aim is to encourage early adoption from key influencers who together with staff can seed conversations, create activity and over time, grow engagement.

What can you get from MyCommunity?

The new platform enables users to:

  • manage a personal profile
  • join communities
  • form new communities
  • connect with peers
  • use DocCreate to co-author documents
  • upload content e.g. documents, videos
  • start and participate in discussions
  • add and comment on events
  • ask questions
  • exchange information
  • rate and comment on content

How can MyCommunity benefit you?

MyCommunity will enable you to put yourself at the heart of your community by sharing documents, videos, and web content including Twitter feeds and YouTube videos.

By managing an online profile you will be able to engage with your community and potentially raise your professional profile.  You can benefit from an instant connection with your peers, networking and engaging in discussions.

The new DocCreate tool, a feature not available on any other social networking site, provides a hidden environment for users to co-author documents which on completion can be published in a variety of formats and shared with the wider community.

Steve Perry, Head of Sectors and Communities says, “I am delighted by the progress made with MyCommunity though there is a lot of development work still to do. Aside from our USP with DocCreate, on MyCommunity people can draw content and supporting widgets from social networking sites and feed content out of MyCommunity to others such as Twitter. It is a truly collaborative platform”.