The IET Community Events Toolkit is now live

A practical toolkit to enable any community to organise a range of successful events.

The Community Activity team have created the IET Community Events Toolkit designed to provide direction, advice, templates, checklists and working examples to assist community volunteers to plan, organise and deliver any style of community event or activity.

Planning, organising and delivering an event can be complex, time-consuming and challenging. The events toolkit provides information and easy to use tools to help users coordinate the event and make the process enjoyable and stress free. Ready to use event management templates enable the quick creation of budgets and to do lists.

To make the toolkit easy to use we have created a simple 10 step guide covering the main areas of planning, organising and delivering an event, enabling users to dip into the steps most appropriate to them, and case studies highlight real examples of successful events run by volunteers with support from the communities team.

The events toolkit features:

  • 10 steps to a successful event
  • Case studies of real events in practice
  • Useful templates such as the at a glance checklist, event budget, Chairman’s notes and event attendance sheet
  • Useful forms such as the event scope form, event and resources request form, and the online event calendar page and registration request form.

The Events Toolkit is available in the Volunteer Gateway area of the IET Website. Each step, template and case study can be viewed individually or in one downloadable document. In addition all community volunteers can access our team of Activity Executives who can provide further practical support and advice. The team can be contacted via