Please ensure that your metrics are being reported!

Thank you to committee volunteers for your efforts to report metrics over the last few months, the June report has now been published and is ready to download.

As many of you know it is an essential requirement that every IET community reports total delegate figures for each activity, ideally split between members and non-members.  Metrics provide evidence showing how successful local and technical networks are at delivering activity and reaching beyond the membership.

As we start the planning and budgeting process for 2012/13 it is particularly important that we have accurate metrics to report to the five Community Committees and Community Resourcing Committee; participation in community activities is one of the key pieces of evidence that these committees use when allocating funding to communities.  Community delegates also make a significant contribution to the IET’s strategic key performance indicators.

The June metrics report is now available for download in the volunteer gateway.  Please check the report and ensure that the metrics for your community are being counted.  If your attendance figures are not up to date, please contact the Community Operations Team and we will ensure that your metrics are added to the July report.

You can update your metrics by sending the information via email to:, or by post to: Community Operations Team, The IET, Michael Faraday House, Six Hills Way, Stevenage, SG1 2AY, United Kingdom.  Or if you have used Plus4Events to register delegates you can update attendance in the system and the Operations team can download your metrics from there, but please do let us know that you have updated the event information by emailing