Recent changes to the IET governance structure

The governance of communities within the IET has changed [14 March 2012]

In 2011, the IET’s Board of Trustees (BoT) reviewed the IET’s governance structure and took a number of decisions, including winding up the Global Operations Board (GOB) and suspending the five Regional Boards (RBs). The BoT recognised that a great deal of valuable work had been done by the GOB and RBs but felt that the remit of these groups may have been too broad which made it challenging for these volunteer groups to focus their efforts to best effect.

The BoT put in place five Communities Committees (CCs) based on the IET’s five regions to replace the previous structure. The terms of reference of the CCs, as the name suggests, are much more focused on helping the IET to achieve its strategic objectives through the work of the communities. They will support the IET’s new community model which for the first time brings together all types of communities (Technical Professional Networks - TPNs, Local Networks - LNs and others). 

The new structure emphasises the BoT’s view that the member and volunteer led communities are at the heart of, and must play a central role in the success of, the IET.

Lecture Theatre at Savoy Place - birds-eye view The BoT also recognised the value of having a single governance body to secure overall funding for IET communities and to allocate this among the five regions. The BoT therefore created a Communities Resourcing Committee (CRC) to secure and allocate resources, including funding, as well as to support the CCs through clear communications, best practice guidelines and providing a link to the Knowledge Management (KM) and Membership and Professional Development (MPD) Boards.

Please see the recent article in Member News for more information about the changes to the governance structure.

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