Planning and budgeting process for communities

Look out for your planning and budgeting paperwork for the 2012/13 session.

For the first time the Local Networks (LNs) and Technical and Professional Networks (TPNs) sit within the same governance structure reporting into the five regional Community Committees and Community Resourcing Committee.

PLAN - giant letters and crane In order to simplify the planning process and make it easier for communities to work together the Community Resourcing Committee has aligned the planning and funding cycle of Local and Technical Communities.  This means that this year all of our Communities will fill in the same paperwork at the same time.

The regional Community Committees are sending LN volunteers guideline budgets from Monday 12 March and all LNs and TPNs will receive planning paperwork from your key member of staff shortly thereafter.  The deadline for paperwork to be returned to your key staff member is Friday 18 May 2012.

If you have any questions relating to the new planning process please contact your key staff member and they will endeavour to answer your questions.