Information Matters - September 2011

The monthly newsletter for IET volunteers.

1.     Ballot results 2011
2.     Governance Review
3.     Communities News
4.     Volunteer resources - policy update
5.     Meet our volunteers - case studies required!
6.     IET News - August edition


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1.     Ballot results 2011

The results are now in!

Following the ballots held this summer, you can find out more about who was elected as Trustees, Board and Council members.

For more information and detailed results please visit the Governance section of the website.

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2.     Governance Review

The Board of Trustees recently commissioned an independent review of the IET’s governance structures.

This high-level review had two aims:

  1. To validate that the IET’s governance structures are sufficient to enable the delivery of its organisational objectives.
  2. To identify any potential improvements that could be made to the governance structures.

The report on the Governance Review was presented to the Board of Trustees on 4 July 2011.

In summary, the report concluded that:

  • The Board of Trustees and the four Committees of the Board fulfilled the corporate governance responsibilities of IET;
  • The membership governance of the IET was dysfunctional in part, and the Council, the Global Operations Board, the five Regional Boards needed attention;
  • The Young Professionals structure required attention.

Please see the Board of Trustees meeting minutes for more information, including the specific recommendations that were made.

Dr Nigel Burton presented the findings of the report to the IET Council on 14 July.

Recommendations on the implementation of changes to the governance structures will be presented to the Board of Trustees at their September meeting.

If you would like any further information at this stage, or if you would like to view a copy of the full Governance Review report, please contact Andrew F Wilson, Head of Governance and Legal Affairs.

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3.     Communities News


Local Networks


End of 2010-11 Session

The end of the 2010-11 Local Network session is 30th September and there are a few items left to deal with. 

Make sure your metrics are up to date

There is only a short time left to ensure that you have submitted attendance figures for all of the events that you have held this session (split between members and non-members if possible). 

Metrics provide evidence showing how successful Networks are at delivering activity and reaching beyond the membership. Over time metrics are also evidence of how a Network is developing its activity and extending its reach.

The Local Network metric figures are a very important aspect in the overall KPI of the IET.  At the end of the 2009-10 session, LN events attracted over 62,000 attendees to the various events.  This year the LN total is already at over 63,000 with a few more months of figures still to be added.  Of this number, 47% of attendees are non-members which demonstrates how effective the LN committees and the LN events are at attracting people, generating leads for the IET and providing further information to those who want it.  It also helps the IET promote your events to a wider audience.

Metric information on attendance figures is evidence that the IET is fulfilling its charitable remit, so if you have any events that have not been reported, please let your Local Network Coordinator know the date, title and attendance figures.  Your Network Secretary or Local Network Coordinator will have the latest information about the metrics that your Network has submitted.


With year end looming at the end of September, remember to let Finance know if there is likely to be any expenditure for the current session that is not expected to be received in time. The type of things could include, are:

  • Expense claims or invoices relating to meetings held budgeted for during the current year
  • Any significant purchases on your September GPC
  • Estimated costs for events due to take place during the last two weeks of September so they can be built into the current year

Whatever Finance receives by 30th September will be included.


The marketing section of the Local Network web provides volunteers with resources and information on marketing materials produced by LNs, the online marketing toolkit and the new IET Logo.

LN Banners

At Local Network events it is good practice to have a member of the LN committee meet and greet attendees, take contact details and attendance numbers and a good way to attract attention to your registration desk and welcome people is with an IET banner.  As we have updated our brand, including a new logo, we will be providing every LN with one new, updated banner for the start of the new session in October.  These will be sent to the existing Chair of each LN in due course. 

We previously sent out two exhibition banners to each LN, which are now out of date. If you still have one or both of these exhibition banners, we would welcome you to send them back to Head Office and we can re-skin them with the new brand free of charge. You can then have up to three banners per LN. Please send your existing banners to Marketing/LN Banner with your return details (name, address and LN) and they will be returned to you with the new design.

If you have any queries, please contact your Local Network Co-coordinator.

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4.     Volunteer resources - policy update

Minor changes have recently been made to the Data Protection Policy for volunteers.

The updated version has been added to the Data Policies and Guidelines page in the volunteers section of the web site. The main changes are the addition of reference to the IET’s subsidiaries in the policy introduction and to the use of ‘cookies’ to collect data in the Definition of Personal Data in the Definitions and Notes section of the document. The remaining changes are updated links.

If you access member data as part of your IET activities, please take a moment to read the updated policy.

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5.     Meet our volunteers - case studies required!

A big thank you to those of you that have already responded to our call for volunteers in last month's edition of Information Matters. 

We're still looking for more volunteers who would be willing to be interviewed in order to create an online case study which would appear on our "Meet our volunteers" case studies web pages. The interviews would take place over the phone at a time convenient to you - no travel would be required.

If you're interested in getting involved, please contact Suzanne Brown at

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6.     IET News - August edition

Sally Walters, IET Young Woman Engineer of the Year 2009, presents the latest news bulletin from IET London: Savoy Place. The video includes:

  • IET Wiring Regulations;
  • Dr Nigel Burton's visit to Hong Kong;
  • Launch of the IET's new sector approach;
  • Recent careers workshops for members;
  • IET expertise;
  • Latest annual skills report;
  • New A F Harvey Engineering Research Prize;
  • Redesign of the IET website.

We welcome any comments or suggestions you may have for future editions of IET News - please contact the Communications team and let us know what you think.

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