Mentoring co-ordinator

Mentoring co-ordinators are the main point of contact for mentoring in their Local Network.

Primary focus:

Mentoring co-ordinators are members with detailed knowledge of the IET mentoring service. They are able to provide information to enquirers on the objectives of the service and make members aware of the value of both having a mentor and being a mentor. They will also be able to provide relevant information on other related professional development services and share best practice with co-ordinators from other Local Networks.

Main duties and responsibilities:

To act as a local point of contact for the service by:

  • providing information to enquirers about the service both verbally and by email through the IET website;
  • providing relevant information to enquirers about other related professional development services;
  • publicising the objectives of the service and making members aware of the value of both having a mentor and being a mentor;
  • co-ordinating the recruitment and training of prospective mentors in the area together with IET staff.

To facilitate the operation of the service by:

  • receiving requests from members wishing to act as mentors and mentees;
  • arranging mentor training events within the Local Network together with IET staff;
  • assisting IET staff with the recruitment of mentors in the Local Network;
  • forwarding information promptly to IET staff to maintain a database of mentors and mentees.

To monitor the effectiveness of the service by:

  • arranging opportunities where mentors can meet with other mentors and share best practice;
  • sharing best practice with co-ordinators from other Local Networks.

Adhere to the IET’s data protection policy for volunteers.

Appointment method:

  • If a vacancy for a mentoring co-ordinator exists within a Local Network, staff will contact active members within the Local Network, including local mentors registered with the mentoring service, to advise of the vacancy;
  • A recommendation may be made to staff, or, a member may put themselves forward;
  • The member interested in the role should complete a mentoring co-ordinator registration form and return it to IET staff so that they can activate the appointment.

Period of appointment:

The period of appointment is usually at the discretion of the individual and the member of staff running the mentoring service.


  • Mentoring co-ordinators will be sent an initial information pack detailing all of the information they need to fulfil the role;
  • The annual mentoring co-ordinators conference provides an opportunity for co-ordinators to receive up to date information on the mentoring service;
  • In the meantime mentoring co-ordinators will be notified of any important updates by email or post;
  • Ongoing support is available from IET staff and other mentoring co-ordinators;
  • If the mentoring co-ordinator has not previously undertaken mentor training and wishes to do so (this is recommended but not compulsory), then there are three options available:
  • online training programme (available once appointed and free of charge);
  • Local Network workshops (free of charge);
  • one day mentoring course (free of charge).

Person specification:

A mentoring co-ordinator will be a member of the IET and will ideally be professionally qualified with previous experience of being a mentor.