Professional review interviewer

Interviews candidates applying for professional registration.

Main duties and responsibilities:

  • To interview candidates applying for professional registration;
  • Interviews will be arranged by an interview convenor, who will inform the interviewers and candidates of arrangements made, and provide papers for the application to be reviewed before the interview;
  • Interviews will normally last around one hour. The aim of the interview is to draw out information from the candidate to verify the contents of the application form and demonstrate that they have attained the range of competences at a level appropriate to the type of registration for which they have applied;
  • Following the interview the interviewers are required to complete a form indicating the threshold demonstrated by the candidate for each of sixteen competencies and providing justifying comments for each threshold score. The interviewers will then reach an agreed recommendation on whether the candidate has met the competencies required for the level of registration applied for;
  • Adhere to the IET's data protection policy for volunteers.

Appointment method:

  • Appointments are made by a panel comprising of at least three members of the registration group;
  • Nominations are normally made either by the appropriate interview convenor, through personal recommendation from other experienced interviewers, by the registration and standards committee, or the registration or programmes group, but can come from other sources;
  • Nominees are required to complete a questionnaire on the fields of engineering they are able to cover and submit with a recent CV.

Period of appointment:

  • Appointment of interviewers will be for a period of three years;
  • Following this they may be re-appointed for a further three years.


The registration & standards department has a programme for the training of all interviewers, which may involve the following:

  • Attendance at a training workshop which includes a presentation outlining the UK-SPEC competence requirements, assessment criteria, completion of the interview report form and interview techniques;
  • Participation as a supporting interviewer at several interview sessions with an IET approved principle interviewer.

Person specification:

  • Interviewers must be senior members or fellows of the IET and an Engineering Council registered engineer.