Industry representative

Promotes the IET and professional registration within companies.

Primary focus:

Industry representatives are Fellows and members who are interested in promoting the activities of the IET. They act as a link between the IET and their firm, organisation, business park, industrial estate or small group of companies, in the UK and abroad.

Main duties and responsibilities:

  • Creating awareness and promoting IET membership and services;

  • Encouraging members to gain Chartered Engineer, Incorporated Engineer, Engineering Technician or ICT Technician status within the IET;

  • Encouraging members to transfer or apply for a higher category of membership if they are eligible;

  • Encouraging members to register initial professional development through the Career Manager system;

  • Providing literature, information, forms and advice on application completion;

  • Assisting candidates who are applying for professional registration to get in touch with a sponsor or supporter;

  • To work with the regional development manager in organising professional registration activity within the company;

  • Adhere to the IET’s data protection policy for volunteers.

Appointment method:

  • Recommendation given to IET staff member.

Period of appointment:

  • Fixed three year term;

  • May be renewed for another three year term, and then on an annual basis.


  • Attendance of annual conference for UK industry representatives;

  • Training materials and conference film on line for those overseas or unable to attend.

Person specification:

  • Should be a member of the IET and ideally professionally registered.