ICTTech advisor

ICTTech advisors are appointed to cover the giving of advice to all ICTTech candidates, regardless of location.

Primary focus:

ICTTech advisors are members with detailed knowledge of the requirements and routes to ICTTech registration. They are able to review individual cases and advise on whether a candidate is ready to apply. They will also be able to advise on the presentation aspect of making a formal application.

Main duties and responsibilities:

  • To assist candidates to complete their applications and to present their case in a way that will assist the registration panel in their assessment. You may recommend that candidates send you a completed application form or CV;
  • To give specialist advice, particularly when a candidate has been unsuccessful. In such cases copies of the application form, and where appropriate, the interview report and assessment panel comments, are made available to the advisor;
  • Meet a candidate face-to-face, or correspond by telephone and email.

Appointment method:

  • Recommendations for advisors are made to IET staff. A CV is requested and submitted to a panel of at least three members of the registration group for approval;
  • Following approval by the registration group, nominated advisors will be advised of their formal appointment.

Period of appointment:

  • Fixed three year term;
  • Possible reappointment for another three years, if appropriate.


  • Annual PRA conference;
  • Specific ICTTech workshop.

Person specification:

  • Advisors should be ideally a Member or Fellow of the IET and ECUK registered engineers. Wherever possible, they should have had experience in an active role on a committee or group, or as an interviewer;
  • Have an up-to-date working knowledge of the IT/ICT sector, relevant disciplines and current technology pertaining to technicians working in this field.