Professional registration advisor

Provides advice and guidance on professional registration.

Professional registration advisors (PRAs) are appointed to cover a Local Network.

Primary focus:

PRAs are members with detailed knowledge of the requirements and routes to professional registration. They are able to review individual cases and advise on whether a candidate is ready to apply to the IET for professional registration. They will also be able to advise on the presentation aspect of making a formal application.

Main duties and responsibilities:

  • To assist candidates to complete their applications and to present their case in a way that will assist the registration panel in their assessment. You may recommend that candidates send you a completed application form or CV;
  • To give specialist advice, particularly when a candidate for professional registration has been unsuccessful. In such cases copies of the application form and where appropriate, the interview report, are made available to the PRA;
  • To nominate any local IET members who may be interested in assisting as interviewers for professional registration;
  • You will receive queries from candidates mainly in your own network, but occasionally from adjacent networks or in your technical field, if specialised;
  • Meet a candidate face-to-face, or correspond by telephone and email;
  • Occasionally you may also be asked to act as a supporter for a candidate‚Äôs application. This will only be required if the applicant has not worked with, or not maintained contact with, another engineer. You would need to meet the applicant and be satisfied that the evidence available matches the competence requirements for registration. In acting as a supporter, the PRA must be confident that they will be able to complete an inquiry form after the completed application form has been received by the IET. The applicant must be able to find a sponsor that has known him professionally;
  • Adhere to the IET's data protection policy for volunteers.

Appointment method:

  • Recommendations for PRAs are made to IET staff. A CV is requested and submitted to a panel of at least three members of the registration group for approval;
  • Following approval by the registration group, nominated PRAs will be advised of their formal appointment.

Period of appointment:

  • Fixed three year term;
  • Possible reappointment for another three years, if appropriate.


  • Annual PRA conference;
  • Registration workshop;
  • Option of attendance of registration group meeting.

Person specification:

  • UK PRAs should ideally be fellows (members) of the IET and an Engineering Council registered engineer. Wherever possible, they should have had experience in an active role on an IET committee or group, or as an interviewer.