Volunteer roles

Information on how to become a volunteer working in professional development, professional registration or accreditation.

If you would like to become a volunteer, please take the time to read the following role descriptions and requirements. Once you have identified a role that interests you and that you are eligible for, contact us.

Please include the name of the role/s you are most interested in and attach a CV that includes details of any previous volunteering experience.

Accreditation roles

Accreditors and assessors work within higher education establishments and in industry to ensure that the qualifications and training provided are suitable for those intending to apply for professional registration.

Academic accreditor
Professional development assessor

Professional registration roles

These roles involve advising, assessing and interviewing potential candidates for professional registration and for Fellowship of the IET.

Fellowship assessor

EngTech assessor
ICTTech assessor
ICTTech advisor
Professional review interviewer
Professional registration advisor
International professional registration advisor
Industry representative

Professional development roles

Mentors and advisors assist members in compiling their competencies for professional registration, guiding them through their professional development and training them to use the recording tools provided by the IET.

Career Manager advisor
Mentoring co-ordinator
In company mentor
Professional development mentor