Volunteer roles map

Many of our roles offer the opportunity to develop new skills and abilities, giving you the chance to reach more senior roles as you progress.

Any volunteer role is rewarding and valued in the way it contributes to the delivery of the IETs charitable aims. Volunteering can also be personally rewarding through the sense of giving back to a valued profession, supporting and seeing others enjoy a successful engineering career, and in many other ways. It can also be a significant source of personal and professional development through the opportunities to learn new skills, be exposed the challenges of different activities and environments, and build an extensive network of colleagues.

Many people will commit to one volunteering role that they find especially rewarding. Others will take on new roles over time. This may be for many reasons – usually because their skills are needed to develop the Institution in another area, but also because one role has provided them with new competencies and knowledge that have opened doors to different ways to influence and contribute.

The image of the Volunteer Roles Map shows how all the current IET volunteer roles work together and, where applicable, their hierarchy. It can also be seen that skills in one role may be transferred to other areas, sharing knowledge and skills across the organisation. 


The map is only a diagrammatic representation of the governance and the relationships between roles and it is not possible to be entirely accurate. An explanatory document containing further details of each role is in development and will be made available to accompany the map. The map is also available as a PDF document below.

This map is currently under development and we would appreciate your feedback on it. Please email volunteers@theiet.org.