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Current volunteer recruitment campaigns along with vacancies currently looking for applicants.

Graphic of red push pins Volunteer opportunities

The IET offers a wide variety of different volunteer opportunities - delivering vital services such as qualifications and accreditation, inspiring young people into the profession, applying their expertise to influence stakeholders and building good governance as well as getting involved in government consultations to make sure that your views are heard at the highest level.


We regularly run volunteer recruitment campaigns in order to encourage more people to get involved with the IET on an ad-hoc basis. Current campaigns are listed below.

TPN Volunteers needed!

TPN's are specialist communities led by volunteers that generate activities, such as physical events and online discussions, to support the understanding of engineers working within their respective sector.


Specific volunteer opportunities will be published below as and when they become available and will include details on how to apply. Each active role is supported by a role description which provided details on how to apply and who to contact for more information.

If you have a volunteer opportunity that you would like to see advertised on this web page, please complete the template form below and email it to We're keen to promote opportunities within organisations outside of the IET that may be of interest to our members and within the remit of our vision and mission. Please contact us to discuss this further.


Opportunities currently available:

 Role title

Deadline for application

VSO Programme Management Advisor in Cambodia
Working with the Cambodian Rural Development Team in the development and implementation of a programme providing Technical Vocational Education and Training to poor, young Cambodians.

13 February 2016

I'm an Engineer, get me out of here!
A public engagement activity that get engineers talking to school students all over the UK.


Schools Liaison Officer
Working with schools and young people to promote a better understanding of the role of the engineer and the contribution engineering makes to society.


Expert witnesses, arbitrators and adjudicators
The IET aids the legal profession by nominating expert witnesses to present technical information in court


EngTech assessor
To serve on a panel to review applications for EngTech registration, taking into consideration the Engineering Council standard for Engineering Technician competence.


Industry representative
To promote the IET and professional registration within companies.


International professional registration advisor
To cover the giving of advice to all ICTTech candidates, regardless of location.


ICTTech advisor
To advise candidates in their countries on the requirements and routes to professional registration.


ICTTech assessor
To serve on a panel to review applications for ICTTech registration.

Professional registration advisor
Review individual cases and advise on whether a candidate is ready to apply to the IET for professional registration.