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One-team working

The IET’s success depends on volunteers and staff working together with shared values towards common goals.

The IET exists to deliver its charitable objectives and we are successful in doing this because of the approach we take. People’s behaviour is driven by their values, and it is the IET values of Integrity, Excellence and Teamwork which underpin the delivery of our activities.

A key strategic objective of the IET is about the value of Teamwork – One-Team Working – and this is achieved as we:

  • Encourage staff and volunteers to work together;
  • Recognise the value of talented individuals working in teams;
  • Are collaborative and partner with other organisations.

We can also observe Integrity and Excellence in the way we:

  • Operate professionally and ethically to gain trust;
  • Are open and honest with each other;
  • Respect everyone and value each other’s contribution;
  • Work towards the highest level of service and satisfaction;
  • Use agile methods and seek innovative solutions to add value;
  • Continually improve and adopt best practices.

Help us spread the word

When we have shared values, we work better together. If you’d like to get members and volunteers around you thinking about the IET values, you can use the slides available from the ‘See also’ box to add to presentations or to create a display. Let us know what people in your area think, and what the values mean to them.

Celebrating the value of volunteering

This year we are celebrating the IET values in action as ably demonstrated by our volunteers. There will be more news on this soon but right now you can help us by sharing what the IET values mean to you and point to examples of where you see them in action.

We will be collecting short film clips from our volunteers and members – either individuals or teams – that capture answers to these questions:

  • I/we demonstrate integrity/excellence/teamwork when I/we xxxx
  • The value xxxx means xxxx to me and I see it demonstrated when the IET does xxxx
  • I value my volunteering (for the IET) because xxxx
  • When I volunteer for the IET I inspire/inform/influence xxxx (yes this one is the mission – but it’s interesting too!)

If you want to join in please send your ideas to

One-team working: case studies

Here you can read about just some of the many examples of IET volunteers and staff working together to achieve great things.

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