Meet the members

There are many ways you can get involved with the IET. A few of our volunteers share their experiences...

Volunteers are the powerhouse of the IET – leading, sharing, discussing, presenting, steering, assessing, editing and being ambassadors to deliver our vision and mission all around the world.

Achieving the IET’s goals relies on effective “one team” working between IET staff, who provide functional expertise, and volunteers, who provide the reach and technical capabilities to deliver our strategy.

We've created a series of joint working case studies to showcase how IET volunteers and staff are working together to achieve the Institution's goals.

You can also read our individual volunteer case studies below as well as find more case studies from our Members across the different membership and registration categories.


Image of Pauline Willis

Case study highlight - Pauline Willis

Pauline discusses how beneficial her involvement with the IET is even though she's not a member or even an engineer!



Paula Barratt IET Volunteer

Meet Paula Barratt

Paula Barratt volunteers as the Central London Network’s press officer. She helps promote the network’s events, honing her communication skills as well as taking away useful contacts and experience for her day job.



Image of Martin Coates.

Meet Martin Coates

Martin volunteers for the IET at both a local and international level and feels his work helps inspire the next generation of engineers and gets more people enthused by science, engineering and technology.



Image of Paul Hopewell.

Meet Paul Hopewell

As a technical and professional network (TPN) volunteer Paul is able to shape the technical content of its events. He feels this work allows him to associate with a wider circle of professionals and hone new skills.



Femi Olushola IET volunteer

Meet Femi Olushola

Working across many different IET groups, Femi has gained a vast swath of experience in organising events. He feels he has been able to use skills learnt, such as communication and project management, in his workplace.



Image of Guy Bertrand.

Meet Guy Bertrand

Guy volunteers for the IET as a way to get out of the institution more than he puts in. He’s been able to influence the global engineering community as well as network with like-minded individuals, and has fun along the way!