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Volunteer Induction

An opportunity for new volunteers, or those who have just started new roles, to meet the IET staff team, network with other volunteers, and find out more about the IET.

 We held our first ever Volunteer Induction day on Wednesday, 13 November at Michael Faraday House in Stevenage.

Chaired by our President, Barry Brooks, the day included a special update on the IET’s vision and mission by Chief Executive Nigel Fine, and a presentation on what IET volunteering is like by Rhys Phillips.

Elsewhere the agenda focussed on the support and tools available to IET volunteers, and on providing information to help the attendees be ambassadors for the Institution. The broad range of volunteer roles available within the IET, in areas like mentoring, local and technical communities, policy and sectors, was also covered.

A total of 21 volunteers attended, with all presentations filmed by to ensure that those who could not join in person would still be able to access the wealth of information shared (see below).

You can find out more about how it all went in this Member News online story.

Now that this first event has taken place, it will be used as the basis for regular Volunteer Induction days in the future. If you would like to find out more, or have any suggestions, please email videos


Setting the scene

Welcome: Barry Brooks

IET vision, mission, values and behaviours: Nigel Fine (coming soon)

The IET Story: Kate Berry

Professional Home for Life: Keith Woodward

Essential Engineering Intelligence: James McLoughlin

Strategy and finance: Ed Almond

Being an IET volunteer: Rhys Phillips


Volunteer roles

Membership and Professional Development: Dick Bacon

Communities: Fiona Dew

Other roles: Sandra Godman


Being an ambassador for the IET

Publishing and knowledge packs: Richard Hollis

Continuing Professional Development: Dick Bacon

Career Manager: Kerry Lamacraft

Awards and scholarships: Jazmine Brace

Education 5-19: Gareth James


Volunteer tools and resources

Communicating your message: Helen Rognaldsen

Communities tools: Sarah Halfpenny

Volunteer Gateway: Sandra Godman

Policies and Volunteer Talent Support: Sandra Godman