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Supporting our Volunteer Talent

Volunteers are at the heart of the IET - the latest on our drive to make IET volunteer support best-in-class.

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“The IET places volunteers at the heart of its vision and mission for the 21st century, recognising that their contribution is instrumental in helping the IET shape the future of the engineering and technology profession.”

Board of Trustees, October 2012



Volunteers are the power-house behind delivery of the IET’s activities and services. As such the IET will ensure they have flexible and attractive opportunities and roles, that they are fully informed and supported in performing their roles with relevant training and resources, that they are recognised for their contribution and understand their value to the IET. Volunteers and staff will work together, with their efforts coordinated by clear objectives and in alignment with the IET strategy and plans.

This is the vision of our Trustees and reflects the strategic importance of volunteers to our organisation.  With this is mind, a project has been running since 2013 to examine and enhance the way we recruit, train, support, communicate with and recognise our volunteers across the organisation.  There have been many outputs of the project, including the Volunteer Handbook, inductions, policies and guidance, a new volunteer award for 2015, and a new trial of on-line learning which will also be launched in 2015.  The project was overseen by a joint member and staff Working Party which the Board of Trustees agreed in October 2014 should be retained indefinitely, and this has been complemented with a new permanent staff resource – the Volunteer Support Unit.

The purpose of the Unit is to provide overarching co-ordination of volunteer support activities that are delivered in business teams across the IET.  Whilst it is not the intention for the Unit to be involved in working with volunteers in specific roles on a regular basis, it is here to help when queries or difficulties arise that affect volunteers generally.

Both the Working Party and the Volunteer Support Unit can be contacted by email at


The findings from the most recent survey (Jan 2014) are now available on the Surveys and polls page.

The 2013 results created a benchmark and helped to ensure we correctly understood the issues and requirements of our volunteers; giving everyone the opportunity to contribute. 

This year the findings show how some of the early work of the Volunteer Talent Support Project has already had an impact and highlights where we need to focus future efforts, and the next survey will be undertaken in January 2015.

Volunteer Gateway

We are working to continually improve our web presence in order to support the work of our volunteers.  You can find out more about the web improvements by visiting the web page or through regular updates in the Volunteer Update email bulletin.

One team working

Effective "one team" working between IET volunteers and staff is one of the Institution's strategic priorities. Take a look at our One team working page to read about just some of the many examples of IET volunteers and staff working together to achieve great things.

Recognising our volunteer talent

The immense commitment of time and effort given by volunteers is vital to help IET achieve its aims and objectives. The working party has been busy compiling ideas and putting some of those ideas in to action.