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IET Communities: Managing Money

This page provides essential information on financial matters which are relevant to all of our Local Networks.


This section of our Communities site has been specifically designed to provide all Local Network members, and in particular Treasurers (who are the named individuals responsible for financial management and compliance matters), with essential information that will help you fulfil your responsibilities as volunteers and help ensure that IET’s charitable funds are spent responsibly and wholly in accordance with IET’s charitable objectives.

This information has been incorporated into one document called the Treasurer's Handbook. The Handbook is split into 6 sections as follows:

- Introduction
- Funding
- Expenditure
- Capital Assets
- Financial Management
- Insurance

Listed separately below are the forms that exist within the Handbook. When required, please complete the form before printing off, signing and returning.

We hope that you find this consolidated guide useful. However, should you have any queries, please speak to your Community Event Producer or Community Manager.

Treasurer's Handbook  

Photo of a pink ceramic piggy bank  
Forms and links referred to in the handbook

2 Funding

Appendix A

2.2.2 ‘Event by Event’ / Single Activity funding

2.2.3 Requesting additional resources   


2.3.3 Applying to deliver an income generating event


2.4 Donated facilities and services


3.1 Expenditure overview /  5.3.3 Managing expenditure

Expenses policy and forms

3.3 Government Procurement Cards (GPC)

3.5 Authorising expenditure 

4 Capital Assets

Appendix A

Appendix B