Your guide to volunteering at the IET

This handbook has been created to provide you with the basic information you need to get started.

We are delighted that you have decided to bring your skills, experience and enthusiasm to bear as a volunteer at the IET.

We absolutely depend upon people like you to maintain our place at the forefront of engineering and technology. You are part of an exceptional team of 4000 volunteers, working in the UK and internationally to make the IET a force to be reckoned with.

This handbook will not only provide you with the basic information you need to get started in your new volunteer role but also includes more detailed references to the governance and structure of the IET which we hope you will find useful.

The handbook includes the following sections:

Part 1:

  • You make all the difference;
  • Welcome to the team;
  • Getting started in your role;
  • Developing in your role;
  • Keeping up-to-speed;
  • Make the most of superb resources;
  • About the IET;
  • Vision, mission and values;
  • IET strategic themes.

Part 2:

  • Key policies and guidance;
  • Safeguarding against legal action;
  • Operating procedure in relation to plagiarism, infringement of copyright and moral rights and submission to multiple publications;
  • Code of conduct for volunteers;
  • IET offices.