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Planning and funding an IET Community

Whether you run an existing IET Community or are looking to set up a new Community, this page provides information and guidance on how you should plan and fund it.

Aims and objectives for IET Communities

First, if you are not already aware of it, you should take a look at the IET Communities Aims and Objectives resource page. Here you will be able to find out how Communities fit into the wider IET strategic objectives. This should help you to plan your Community effectively.

Planning for success

It’s also important to think about what success looks like before you think about funding. On our Successful Communities resource page there are a number of resources and ideas about how you can run a successful community. In particular the IET would like its Communities to be engaging with students and young professionals.

Funding your IET Community

Once you have a clear idea of the aims of your Community and are confident that it fits into the IET's wider objectives then its time to think about how you fund your activities.

Any group of IET members can come together to form a community and make an application to the IET through the Communities Resourcing Committee or the five regional Communities Committees for resources to support the activities of the community. If you are thinking of creating a new community please contact the Communities team. We can then advise you on whether a similar community exists already.There are a number of different options in how you can fund an IET Community.

Annual Funding

Most of our long-standing communities apply for funding a year in advance. This is a good option for a group of volunteers that have a longer term vision and the volunteer input to support the realisation of that vision. It can enable volunteers to theme a series of events or activities. The image below shows you how the annual funding process works once you have submitted your application.

Please click the image above to view the process map.

If you would like to apply for annual funding there are a number of options depending on the type of community.



Single activity funding

You also have the choice of applying for funding for a single activity. These applications can be made at any time and multiple applications can be made in a year. This is a very flexible system which does not require a group of volunteers to plan far ahead.  It enables volunteers to be nimble and react quickly to changing circumstances, there is a reduced administration burden and it can be easier to find volunteers to help on an event by event basis or for a one-off event or activity. The image below shows you how the single activity funding process works once you have submitted your application. 

Please click the image above to view the process map.

Requesting additional resources

Any community in receipt of funding from the IET can make a request to the CRC/CC for additional resources.  This can be particularly useful if circumstances change for the community, or if the volunteer group wishes to take advantage of an opportunity that had not been foreseen during the funding application process.


Please click the image above to view the process map.

Starting an online community

The IET manages its very own social networking platform – Engineering Communities. A number of IET communities use the Engineering Communities platform to run their activities entirely online. If you would like to start an online community which does not require any funding then you can fill in this form.