IET Communities: Applying for funding

This page is for you if you want to find out more about how to apply for funding for your community.

Each year the IET’s Board of Trustees makes available a significant sum of money to support community activity.  Any group of like-minded individuals that share the IET’s vision and strategic aims can make an application to the relevant governing body, the Communities Resourcing Committee (CRC) or regional Communities Committee (CC), to bring their community together through the IET. 

Application processes

Before you make an application for funds to the CRC or regional CC, whether for the first time or as a repeat applicant, it is anticipated that you have read and agree to abide by the general principals of IET communities as set out in ‘IET Communities – an overview’ below.  Even if your community has been established for many years it is good practice to read through this guidance from the CRC on what it expects IET communities to deliver.

Any group of IET members can come together to form a community and make an application to the IET through the CRC/CC for resources to support the activities of the community.

All IET communities are entitled to apply for resources in the form of funding and/or staff support.  Communities can make their application in the following ways:

Start a student community

The easiest way to engage with the IET throughout your time at university or college is to start a student community. IET on campus student communities are groups of IET members with a desire to deliver a range of activities for engineering students in their university or college. Submit your application form to get up and running!


Annual funding

An annual application to fund a programme of activity.  Applications for a programme of activity must be submitted to the CRC Coordinator by the annual planning deadline, usually at the end of May.  This is a good option for a group of volunteers that have a longer term vision; an annual plan can support the realisation of that vision.  It can enable volunteers to theme a series of events or activities.

Please click the image above to view the process map.



Event by event funding

An application for a specific event or activity, applications can be made at any time and multiple applications can be made in a year.  This is a very flexible system which does not require a group of volunteers to plan far ahead.  It enables volunteers to be nimble and react quickly to changing circumstances, there is a reduced administration burden and it can be easier to find volunteers to help on an event by event basis or for a one-off event or activity. 

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Requesting additional resources

Any community in receipt of funding from the IET can make a request to the CRC/CC for additional resources.  This can be particularly useful if circumstances change for the community, or if the volunteer group wishes to take advantage of an opportunity that had not been foreseen during the funding application process.


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Community volunteers should choose the method of application that suits them and their community best.  Communities can move from one application process to another as they wish in consultation with the CRC/CC.

Applications are assessed carefully by the CRC or appropriate CC; to give your application the best chance of success find out more about what the CRC is looking for in a successful community.