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Policies for IET volunteers

The IET has a number of specific policies that volunteers should adhere to whilst undertaking activity on the Institutions' behalf.

All volunteer roles are key components in delivering essential IET activities, and all activities are subject to policies and procedures that aim to provide consistency of delivery and to ensure compliance with current laws. Where appropriate, IET policies are developed in line with UK law and, for equality, are applied regardless of where the activity is being delivered.

Volunteer policies are developed in alignment with those for staff, and differ only in the processes for managing compliance.

All volunteers are expected to be aware of and comply with these policies. However, some policies are specifically relevant to certain roles and you can find which ones by referring to the volunteer role descriptions. If you have any queries about these policies please contact your normal point of contact.


Anti-bribery and corruption policy

In UK law, bribery is considered a corporate offence which has serious consequences if a bribery offence is committed by anyone who is working or acting on behalf of the IET.

Bullying and harassment policy

The IET is committed to ensuring that all employees and volunteers are treated with dignity and respect and that they are able to undertake activities in an environment which is free from bullying and harassment.

Business cards policy

The IET takes the view that presenting an IET business card at a meeting indicates to the recipient of the card that the holder is formally representing the IET and carries the authority to speak on behalf of the IET within the context of the meeting.

Code of conduct for volunteers

This document details what is expected of individuals who volunteer their time to support the governance or delivery of IET activities, regardless of membership status. 

Confidentiality of IET documents

Information on the different levels of confidentiality used on IET documents.

Conflict of interest

If you think an activity you are involved with, or want to do, may be classed as a conflict of interest with any other personal or professional activity you undertake, please seek guidance from your staff contact.

Data Protection policy

This guidance document has been produced for volunteers dealing with personal data.

Equality and Diversity policy

The IET is fully committed to the principles of fair and equal treatment and to valuing diversity. The IET recognises that by encouraging and managing diversity throughout our staff and volunteering activities, we can more effectively meet the objectives of our organisation and thereby meet the needs of our staff, membership and customers.

Expenses policy

Information relating to the IET’s policy on expenses and the processes involved in reimbursement.

Information Security policy

This policy outlines actions volunteers should take to protect both themselves and the IET from unauthorised access and use of systems and data.

Lobbying Act

Guidance on the IET and the Lobbying Act. As a charity, the IET cannot engage in party political activity. The IET does not seek to lobby for or on behalf of any political party or candidate.

Managing disagreements guidelines

These guidelines are intended to set out how both staff and volunteers are expected to work together in delivering activities, and aim to create an efficient, professional and pleasant environment. 

Plagiarism policy

This policy sets out the IET’s procedures in relation to plagiarism, infringement of copyright and moral rights, and submission to multiple publications. 

Safeguarding against legal action

It is important that there is public trust in the areas where the Institution is engaged and therefore it is equally important that the Institution maintains the high level of public confidence that it has.

Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults policy

This policy outlines the legislation, principles and values that inform the practice of those members, staff and contractors who work with children or vulnerable adults in the course of performing duties or services on behalf of the Institution and/or in the course of representing the Institution. The welfare of the child is paramount.

Social Media policy

Policy related to the procedures and operation of social media sites that are managed, on behalf of or associated with the IET, by volunteers.

Travel insurance guidelines

The IET offers travel insurance cover to members and non-members traveling on the IET's request.