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Meet the communities team, the volunteers at the heart of the governance structure and the staff that support IET communities around the world.

Communities Resourcing Committee

The Communities Resourcing Committee (CRC) is the Governance group that oversees the work of all the communities in the IET including local and technical communities. The CRC is a committee of IET members responsible for community development strategy, the allocation of resources to communities and reviewing the performance of communities. This group meets physically and virtually throughout the year. Read the CRC blog for a more detailed description of what they do.



Photo of Colin Arthur   Colin Arthur

Communities Committees Chairs

Photo of Hisham Rojoa  

Hisham Rojoa

CC - Europe, Middle East and Africa

Photo of Mustafa Wajid  

Mustafa Wajid

CC - South Asia

Photo of Karla Smith  

Karla Smith


Photo of Davy Thielens  

Davy Thielens


Photo of Kevin Murray  

Kevin Murray

CC - A

Photo of Sachini Yapa  

Sachini Yapa


Ordinary members

Photo of Danielle Antonellis  

Danielle Antonellis

  Photo of No pic  

Heather Lam

Photo of Janice Man   

Janice Man 

Photo of William Stott   William Stott Photo of Darren Williams   Darren Williams Photo of Ronaldo Ronaldo   Ronaldo Ronaldo

Head of Communities

Photo of Alex Taylor  

Alex Taylor

The Head of Communities leads the communities staff team that supports the IET’s local and technical networks all around the world.

This role ensures that the work of the staff team and the focus of the volunteers is aligned to the IET’s strategic priorities. This role also sits on the Communities Resourcing Committee (CRC) as the Senior Staff Member, and works very closely to guide the five regional Communities Committees (CCs) these are the governance groups responsible for allocating resources to the IET's communities, as well as helping to lead the Young Professionals Community Committee (YPCC) that also reports to the CRC.

Photo of Michelle Busson  

Michelle Busson

Communities Resourcing Coordinator, CRC Secretary

Photo of Isabella Mascarenhas  

Isabella Mascarenhas

Young Professionals Engagement Manager

The Communities Resourcing Coordinator has oversight of the processes and policies that relate to communities funding and operations throughout the world. The Communities Resourcing Coordinator is also the Secretary for the CRC. The Young Professionals Engagement Manager supports the Young Professionals Community Committee and aims to raise the profile of YP activities around the world and improve YPs’ experience with the IET.
Photo of Rikki-Louise Davies  

Rikki-Louise Davies

Student Co-ordinator

The Student Co-ordinator is responsible for overseeing and supporting IET On Campus communities and aims to ensure that students are aware of how the IET can benefit them throughout the early stages of their career.

Communities Development Managers

The Communities Development Managers manage, oversee and develop the IET community portfolio including managing and directing the team of Communities Managers.

Photo of Fiona Dew   Fiona Dew Photo of David Houssein   David Houssein

Communities Managers

The Communities Managers (CMs) work closely with volunteers to develop IET communities.

CMs offer strategic development support to new and existing groups as well as acting as a key liaison point for the IET and facilitating engagement with the wider IET. The CM team provide help with planning and budgeting, volunteer recruitment, engagement with other institutions, and help to identify opportunities for communities.

Photo of Gemma Hadley  

Gemma Hadley

Photo of Lynsay Callaghan  

Lynsay Callaghan

Photo of Robert Allen  

Robert Allen

Photo of Phoebe Houssein  

Phoebe Houssein

Photo of Winnie Lee  

Winnie Lee

Photo of Jenny Li  

Jenny Li

Photo of Joanne Longton  

Joanne Longton

Photo of Nympha Leung  

Nympha Leung 

Photo of Deborah McKenzie  

Deborah McKenzie

Photo of Lisa Miles  

Lisa Miles

Photo of Neha Singh  

Neha Singh

Photo of Natalia   Natalia D'Lima

Communities Event Production Manager

Photo of Janine Erlichman   Janine Erlichman

Community Event Producers

The Communities Event Producers are a multi-skilled team providing communities volunteers with practical support, training and guidance in the areas of marketing, activity logistics and online.

Photo of Nicole Tiebosch   Nicole Tiebosch Photo of Poppy Seamarks   Poppy Seamarks Photo of Tania Pomroy   Tania Pomroy
Photo of Zena Tunbridge   Zena Tunbridge
Photo of Julie Hudson
Julie Hudson
Photo of Sophie Smith
Sophie Smith
Natalie Sullivan   Natalie Sullivan

Community Support Coordinator

Photo of Jan Rackham  

Janet Rackham

Communities Communications Manager

Photo of Steve Benveniste  

Steve Benveniste

The Communities Communications Manager manages a small team specialising in marketing communications with, about, and on behalf of communities' volunteers.

A core focus is to ensure that communities volunteers are aware of the IET's products, services and volunteer support resources and equipped to be IET ambassadors.

Photo of Aaron Thiele  

Aaron Thiele

Communities Communications Executive

Photo of Carl Resch  

Carl Resch

Communities Marketing Executive

Responsible for implementing marketing communications campaigns to raise awareness of activities, support volunteers to be ambassadors for the IET, and train and support staff and volunteers to deliver excellent communications to promote communities’ activities.

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